Friday, March 12, 2010

Home Building 101

It has been an process.  There has been many months of going back and forth on our home plan.  There are so many important things to consider when building and I am just so thankful that we are working with one of the pros.  I am a little biased, considering our builder is my brother-in-law, but wow does he really know his business and everyone else's.  He has been so helpful in helping us design a home that is comfy, efficient and time withstanding.  A home that meets our needs but won't make us house least we think so...the bids aren't in yet!  A home that is quality and not size, but will be spacious enough to meet our needs.  A home that we can grow into.  A home that fits into the local geography and space. 

I am very excited to say that we have pretty much finalized the home plan draft and are moving in to the next phase.  We have agonized over how we wanted to lay the house out but some things have never faltered.  I have always wanted a nice, spacious and open feeling living, kitchen and dinning space with a decent sized foyer.  I have a hard time envisioning dimensions, but I think we have nailed this.  There are some things that we had to eliminate, such as having a modified 2nd story due to the plan ending up with way too much square footage = taxes.  But this was not hard to give up having the big picture in mind.  I think we have also set up the home utilizing passive solar energy and some other efficienct strategies like having our garage on the west side of the home as an effective wind barrier.  There are many considerations to building and frankly I was a bit overwhelmed the more I learned! 

But I am just so excited and happy that we have finally (after months of going back and forth) solidified our new home draft.  Let the games begin!

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  1. Congrats girl!! It's so fun to watch the house come together in stages! Aside from the disagreements we had about paint color, cabinet color, stain color, we really liked building! We certainly would do it again sometime in the future, but we do look forward to being in this house for 10-15 years, and had that in mind with this build. Enjoy the experience!