Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God's Grace

Well, I have survived the last 3 months with my dignity and sanity in tact, and I would like to thank the good Lord and his grace for this small feat.  I have had a few things on my plate as of late and stress is not my friend.  It manifests very plainly on my body in the form of psoriasis.  When I am stressed, I break out.  So when Spring started to pop and bring with it the change it always does, it brought a semi-truck load for me!

One fine Monday morning I decided to take a pregnancy test, not really expecting it to be positive...it's not easy having relations when living at your mother's house with her underneath and your sister and her husband one room over.  But, when you are not really plannning or anticpating these things, it's when they like to come at you!  Great news!  Having a baby!  Yeah!  Seriously a bit of a surprise but most welcome.  The next day, I go in to work expecting a great day.  Get called in to a conference call with my managers boss in New York.  He tells me that my boss has resigned and that they would like to congratulate me on my new promotion!  WHHHHAAAA???  I am still processing my boss resigned.  Couldn't quite get over that one.  And what did you say?

I actually don't even recall being asked if I wanted it.  It's all a blur.  But now my life has been put at a bit of a tilt.  I am not management material.  I am the girl who likes to get stuff done.  Give me my list of projects and let me get to work and I will exceed your expectations and document the process while I am at it.  So, with careful consideration, I accepted the job thinking it would be good to take on a new challenge and become a grown up.

On top of this, we were planning on building and that has been in full swing since April 26th.  So, I have been in a constant state of change for the past 3 months and it's literally been a whirlwind.  And through all of these things, I have managed to stay relatively stress-free.  Granted, all of these things have been huge blessings, indeed.  But they are all major life phases all crammed in to one package deal!  It would have been nice to space them out a bit, but I am not trying to complain.  I am trying to praise and thank the Lord for keeping me calm and healthy through all of this. 

But, I am not sure I can take another big change right now....


  1. Well Holy crap!!! Congrats! He only gives you what you can handle, right? As far as the mgmt position, I think that you will be great! Like you said, you like to get stuff done, now you just have to delegate the projects and the expectations! That's probably why they picked you!

  2. Hey girl - my turn to respond to you! :)

    Things come in threes - I think you're good! And like you said, while these are all huge things, they are all really good blessings! I'm so happy for you on all fronts - I know we inspire each other, and by reading this, you encourage me to take life in stride.

    Love ya!

  3. Congrats on everything Ericka!

    New house, New Job, and a New baby!

    Life is good!