Friday, September 10, 2010

How Sweet It Is

Happy 5th Anniversary to me and my wonderful hubby!  The time does fly and I am so thankful to have married the love of my life. 

Life is not full of second chances but luckily for us, we finally reconnected when the time was right.  He was my high school sweetheart, first true and deep love and first everything.  He left his mark deep in my soul and for many years I tried and tried to shake him from my heart.  To no avail, no matter how much I acted and argued to the contrary.

We both moved on with life but always had mutual friends so our circles would ultimately cross.  And every time, I would still get butterflies in my stomach when he was around or I knew he was going to be somewhere I was going.  I would put in some extra effort on looking extremely good and wearing the things I knew he liked.  Oh the vixen I could be.  But you know how it is just have to make them suffer a little bit for letting the best thing that ever happened to them slip through their fingers!  Ah the games...I don't miss them at all.

We tried to reconnect and date a couple of different times, but the timing was just not right.  It's true what "they" say about timing is everything.  Long story short, we finally came together at a time in life where we were both ready to love and committ.  And the rest, "they" say is history. 

I am so madly in love with a man that the Lord made just for me.  He is beyond any expectation or hope I could have ever had and I am so thankful that I have been shown what unconditional love really is.  He is the yin to my yang.  He is my inspiration and example.  He is my best friend.  He is my partner.  He is my joy.  He is still that man that gives me butterflies just coming home from work every day.  He is so much more that words can simply not convey. 

I love you Jeffrey John and I thank God that I found you again.

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  1. absolutley beautiful! brought tears to my eyes. happy anniversary!!