Monday, October 12, 2009

This Kid Is A Dude

He's a dude. He loves to wear sunglasses. When he does, he thinks he is too cool for school. His whole attitude changes. He sits back and stops the chatter and holds his lips a certain way. It's like the glasses transform him into a totally different little dude. One that doesn't have time for parents, one that rebels just to prove a point, one that almost freaks me out. Oh Lord help me!

His personality is becoming very apparent every day. He is a complex little bugger. Overall, he is the sweetest, cuddliest, smartest, obedient little guy. He is an astute observer and a very quick learner. He is a very daring boy, nothing seems to phase him. He goes right up to cows and feeds them like he's been farmin' all his life. He likes to jump off of stuff in a kamakazie manner and it makes me so nervous. He mastered Grammies big steps like they were old news. Mind you, we used to live in a home where there were no steps. My mom has a 2 story. He just started climbing them like he has been doing it all his life. He even mastered going down backwards without hesitation. We just haven't seen anything that really scares him yet.

He is a very sweet little boy. He is very friendly and gives kisses and hugs on demand. He is very helpful and loves to be part of whatever I am doing. He will help me load the washer and dryer. He will go and get me things when I ask him to. He likes to make cookies and other things in the kitchen. Jeff and I are very proud of him. We are constantly surprised to see all of the things he does and all of the things he knows. He is in the stage of repeating every word now. So I have really been watching my language. It's not easy, but it is crucial at this point now.

He is also moving in to that sneaky little phase. The point where he knows more, so he wants to know just how far his limits are. I catch him trying to hide on me or I have to tell him multiple times that he can't play with know the kind of things I speak of.

He is a funny guy and enjoys being a clown and making people laugh. The other day we were with my friends older kids and we were all in the bathroom washing our hands and Max was being all crazy and the kids were laughing at him. And I watched him watch them and their reactions. The more they laughed the more he kept up his antics and kept doing new things to keep them laughing. It was so comical. And I could tell he thought he was so funny.

He is also ALL boy. There is no other way to put it. Until having a child, I never really understood how intrinsically different little boys and girls are. I always thought that there is not much difference, little girls can be just like little boys and vice versa. But that is just not true. He is rough and tumble. He loves to get aggressive, play and wrestle. He is all about trucks and tractors and dirt. He loves to play with balls and sand and rocks. The other day were were in church and there was a cute little old lady sitting behind us. Max and her were having a "relationship" through the service. She would smile at him and he would wink (his version is both eyes shut) at her and then they would smile at each other. Then she taps me on the shoulder and hands me his little mini-soccer ball (a very small and light tiny ball). I asked her if it fell and she said he will make a good pitcher some day. Here the kid chucked it about 4 pews back. I looked back and there were some guys laughing and I was so embarrassed. Lesson learned: NO BALLS AT CHURCH.

He is so many things that I could never even cover in a blog entry. But he is all mine and I am so thankful for my little dude.

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